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Tea party

For the final project of the course "British Identi-TEA", the students of 3è European Class organized a Tea Party !

On Friday, 4th October, each student brought some typical British food that can be generally found at Tea Parties. There were flacky shortbread sticks, small cucumber and eggs sandwiches, delicious cupcakes, an outstanding cheesecake, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies ... and tea, obviously ! Only the scones and clotted cream were missing !

All the food was home made and nicely displayed on trays and dishes placed on the buffet table.


Each student had to bring his/her personal mug or tea cup so as to taste the different brews of tea ; milk and sliced lemon were also available on the buffet table.


In class we learned the importance of tea for the English and the codes, or "etiquette", when drinking it. For example, one mustn't stir one's tea but move the tea spoon back and forth so the sugar will actually dissolve and not sit at the bottom of the tea cup. According to tea specialists, one's social class is defined according to the number of spoons of sugar !


During the tea party the atmosphere was very nice and friendly. Everyone was respectful and calm and played by the rules : we had so much fun !

While some students presented their final task interviews, the others enjoyed their tea break.

 At the end, the students naturally tidied the room which helped to end the day happily.

As for the students, we can say that we really liked organizing this Tea Party and enjoyed this original idea. Time went by so quickly and we would have liked to stay longer !

Thank you Mrs Hagwood, we hope you have enjoyed the Tea Party as much as we did !


Assia, Lyla and Margaux in the role of journalists


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